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Tyre dressing and protector

Ultra-Shine is one of the most versatile tyre dressings on the market. Ultra-Shine gives a fresh satin finish to clean tyres and can be layered to achieve a higher gloss finish. Once dry Ultra-Shine leaves behind a protective barrier which repels dirt and water and gives durability of weeks rather than days.


HYPER GEL - Wheel cleaning gel

Hyper gel is a grape scented, non-acidic wheel cleaning gel that clings to the wheel giving maximum contact to the dirt and debris on the surface of the wheel.

Once agitated Hyper Gel produces a thick foam to lift the dirt away from the surface, ready to be rinsed away.

Spray Hyper gel directly onto the surface of the wheel and leave to cling for 1-2 minutes. Agitate Hyper gel with a brush to create a thick foam that will help penetrate and encapsulate the dirt and contaminants, lifting them from the surface of the wheel. Rinse wheel thoroughly.