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Purge is a dedicated tyre and rubber cleaner which is suitable for use on all types of tyres and rubber trim.

Purge is a water-based, high-foaming cleaner that penetrates dirt, grime and road film and lifts soiling away from the surface. Purge restores tyres and rubber trim back to their natural appearance, ready for your chosen dressing to be applied.

Purge can also be diluted 1:1 with water for use on lightly soiled areas.


Iron Fallout remover Will Dissolve Brake Dust And Other Iron Rich Contaminants Upon Contact. Its Colour Changing Formula Cleans With Ease.

  • Dissolves brake dust and other iron-rich contaminants upon contact,
  • This can be used as a wheel cleaner saving you both money and time
  • SAFE on all wheel types and painted surfaces
  • Removes Iron, Brake dust and Cleans Wheels
  • High performing corrosion inhibitor

Iron fallout remover is a thick PH Neutral liquid which has great cling time to allow it to effectively penetrate and dissolve all contaminants. 

Simply spray onto your cars bodywork and wheels and allow the solution to dissolve the in-bedded contaminants for upto 10 minutes. In this period of time the solution will change colour to a deep purple which identifies the contaminants being dissolved. Do not allow the solution to dry on the surface and rinse off thoroughly .