TITAN:GLASS -18 MONTH- Ceramic Glass Coating (30ML)


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Each 30ml bottle is enough to coat all the glass on even a large vehicle. 2 coats are recommended for full coverage

TITAN:GLASS is a true nano-ceramic glass coating in a sprayable format. TITAN:GLASS is formulated using the same technology as our other TITAN ceramic coatings and gives all the performance of a ceramic coating combined with the ease of use of a traditional sealant. 

Wiper blade use is significantly reduced due to the excellent hydrophobic qualities of TITAN:GLASS water sheeting start at speeds as low as 30MPH. 

All the benefits of a ceramic coating without the usual drawbacks. TITAN:GLASS can be applied with your applicator or cloth of choice. We recommend a short pile microfibre cloth or standard microfibre applicator block. 

TITAN:GLASS can be applied to all exterior glass surfaces including windscreens and mirrors. 

Full application instructions can be found here. 


  • 18 Months durability
  • Full-spectrum chemical resistance Ph1-Ph12
  • Extremely high water contact angle
  • Will shed water from your windscreen from 30mph+