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Foam Lance V2 + 500ml LAVA V2 Foam

This foam cannon gives you excellent performance every time. It provides a thick, dense foam and comes complete with an adapter to suit all makes and models of pressure washer.

Our lance is made from the highest quality materials. The core body components are made of quality brass and the bottle is made of chemical resistant high-quality HDPE which is thick and durable. Ideal for enthusiast or professional use.

The defining features of our new lance are the big plastic cap and wide bottle design. These new features enable you to screw the bottle on and off very easily and smoothly. The larger bottleneck also enables you to fill the lance bottle with solution, easily and with very little hassle. 

The other feature of the new design is the new lance bottle which has a wider base and a more durable construction. The wider base of the bottle allows the lance to stand sturdily when not in use and is less prone to falling over.

Please note, some pressure washer brands have more than one option for the required adapter. Please use the picture in the listing with detailed measurement to ensure you select the correct type for your machine)

if you are unsure please contact us so we can help.

you will only receive one adapter that you select

(if you have choose the wrong adapter please click here to buy the correct adapter thanks)