Purge Tyre and Rubber Cleaner


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2.5 Litre

Purge is a dedicated tyre and rubber cleaner which is suitable for use on all types of tyres and rubber trim.

Purge is a water-based, high-foaming cleaner that penetrates dirt, grime and road film and lifts soiling away from the surface. Purge restores tyres and rubber trim back to their natural appearance, ready for your chosen dressing to be applied.

Purge can also be diluted 1:1 with water for use on lightly soiled areas.



Spray Purge directly onto the surface. Once the product comes into contact with dirt and grime it will instantly start to lift the grime from the surface.

Leave the product to dwell on the surface for up to 1 minute before using a brush to agitate the solution, this will allow Purge to foam up and lift the dirt from the surface.

Rinse thoroughly with water. Re-apply and follow the same directions for heavily soiled areas or until surfaces rinse clean.

Purge is safe on all rubber & Vinyl including tyres and floor mats