Nano Sealant Spray + Sio2 Gloss Detailer Bundle 2500ml


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Nano Sealant

Nano sealant is a nano based spray sealant which offers a gloss boost and leaves an extremely hydrophobic coating to all exterior surfaces.
Simply spray liberally on to wet panels and pressure wash off for an instant, very hydrophobic finish which lasts for 3-4 months.
This product is also perfect for topping up existing protection that is on the car. Nano sealant will happily sit on top of ceramic coatings, waxes and sealants. 

SIO2 Gloss Detailer

Sio2 gloss detaileris a high gloss detailer infused with sio2 to give enhanced levels of gloss and protection. The Sio2 additive gives unrivalled levels of gloss with the ease of use of a quick detailer.
Sio2 Gloss Detailer will protect paintwork from road salts and other contaminants and can be used on all exterior surfaces including glass. 
Simply spray wipe and buff for a high gloss, long lasting finish