Nano & Cloth Bundle


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This bundle includes a 500ml bottle of our Nano sealant along with a premium Korean microfiber cloth 40cmx40cm

Nano Sealant is a nano based spray sealant which offers a gloss boost and leaves an extremely hydrophobic coating to all exterior surfaces.

Simply spray liberally on to wet panels and pressure wash off for an instant, very hydrophobic finish which lasts for 3-4 months.

This product is also perfect for topping up existing protection that is on the car. Nano sealant will happily sit on top of ceramic coatings, waxes and sealants. 

Premium Microfiber cloth

These are the perfect cloths when comparing weight and plushness with price in mind.

Edgeless, Ultra Plush, Very Soft And Extremely Absorbent these are the best quality  microfibres on the market

Perfect for use with a quick detailers, interior cleaners and dressings and removing waxes/polishes