Synthetic Wool Wash Mitt and Elite shampoo kit


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Synthetic Wash Mitt with 500ml of Elite shampoo

Synthetic Wool Wash Mitt .

These Are a great size.

Thick and soft synthetic wool which holds plenty of soap & water

Elastic cuff & hang tag for easy storage & drying.

Elite shampoo

Our Elite Shampoo Is A Scented Luxurious Shampoo That Cuts Through Dirt And Grime With Ease Without Stripping Existing Layers Of Wax.

Elite shampoo creates a copious amount of suds and specially designed lubricants give an ultra slick feel that lasts all the way through the wash process.

Our Long Lasting Suds Help Lift Dirt And Grime Particles Safely Away From the surface. 

In addition to this, Elite shampoo is very economical with dilution rates of upto 1000:1.