Glass Clean & Seal Cloth Bundle 250ml kit


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The Ideal Kit to have perfectly cleaned and sealed glass!

Included in this kit is

  • Glass Cleaner  250ml
  • Glass coat 250ml
  • 40cmMX40cm Glass cloth

Glass Cleaner Is Formulated To Cut Through Dirt And Grime on Windows To Deliver A Streak And Smear Free Finish.

It is recommended to use our glass cleaner with a dedicated glass cloth for optimum results. Simply spray the glass cleaner sparsely onto the glass surface and wipe with a glass cloth, flip the cloth to a clean section and give a final wipe over for a spotless finish.

Glass Coat Is a Nano Based Glass Sealant That Is Suitable For All Glass Surfaces. This coating will give amazing water beading and sheeting qualities that need to be seen to be believed.

The application couldn't be any more straight forward. Apply an even coating to any wet glass surface and then simply rinse off. A second layer is advised when using for the first time to ensure even coverage. Glass coat bonds to the glass surface instantly so doesn't need any dwell time. Once the second coat has been rinsed away, dry the surface to avoid any water spotting.

One coat will have a real world durability of 3 months+.

16" x 16" Glass Cloth

Tightly Packed Short Pile Cloth That Works Wonders On Glass

These cloths are designed with glass in mind, the ultra dense fibers help to lift stubborn greasy marks and dirt from any glass surfaces with ease.

Perfect for use in conjunction with our streak free glass gleaner