Wash, Shine & Wax Surreal Bundle


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 This Bundle Includes:

  • Elite Shampoo 500ml
  • Total 3in1 Polish 500ml
  • Surreal Ceramic wax 70ml

Elite Shampoo Is A Scented Luxurious Shampoo That Cuts Through Dirt And Grime With Ease Without Stripping Existing Layers Of Wax.

Elite shampoo creates a copious amount of suds and specially designed lubricants give an ultra slick feel that lasts all the way through the wash process.

Our Long Lasting Suds Help Lift Dirt And Grime Particles Safely Away From the surface. 

In addition to this, Elite shampoo is very economical with dilution rates of upto 1000:1


Total is an all in one polish that is perfect for when you are pushed for time.

Total contains fine abrasives combined with paint cleaners, polishing oils and t1 carnauba wax that will enhance the depth and clarity of your paintwork whilst leaving behind a protective layer of wax. Total is a very durable all in one polish that will give stunning results and punches well above what its price would suggest.


Surreal is a high performing ceramic infused wax which will give you show wax gloss levels as well as the durability and protection of an all out dedicated sealant, lasting up to 9 months.

Surreal is made using a combination of natural oils and high performing waxes which give the wax a great feel and amazing gloss finish, very little product is needed to get a full even coat. Unlike a lot of ceramic infused waxes, Surreal is a doddle to apply and even easier to remove. The wax can be happily left to cure for 15 minutes+ with no issues, even in warmer temperatures.

Surreal gives great water beading and sheeting properties from a single coat and gives a great slickness to the treated surface.