Car Valeting Mini Interior Exterior Kit With Detailing Bucket


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Detailed Interior/Exterior Kit

Pack Includes

250ml Elite PH Neutral Strawberry Car Shampoo

A Highly Concentrated Shampoo That Cuts Through Dirt With Ease and Wont Strip Your Layers Of wax

 250ml PTFE Hybrid Polish

PTFE Hybrid Glaze is a PTFE based glaze that really brings out the clarity and shine on all paint surfaces. Hybrid glaze includes  enhanced polymers that can be layered to build up additional gloss and protection. Our Polishing Glaze effectively adds a layer of PTFE armor to painted surfaces to protect against elements for 3-4 months at a time

250ml Glass Cleaner

Our Glass Cleaner Is Formulated To Cut Through Dirt And Grime on Windows To Deliver A Streak And Smear Free Finish.

250ml Hydrohobe Detailer

HYDROPHOBE Is A Wax Infused, Easy On Easy Off Hydrophobic Detailer/Drying Aid For Those Who Are Looking For A Quick And Easy Way To Achieve A Deep Gloss Shine With Added Hydrophobic Protection.

250ml Bubblegum Interior Dressing 

Our Natural Dressing Is A Scented Non Greasy Interior Dressing Designed To Enhance Plastics, Dashes, Door Cards, Vinyl and Rubber. Natural dressing will leave a non greasing satin finish to all surfaces and a pleasant fragrance.

250ml Iron Fall Out

Iron Fallout remover Will Dissolve Brake Dust And Other Iron Rich Contaminants Upon Contact. Its Colour Changing Formula Cleans With Ease.

  • Dissolves brake dust and other iron-rich contaminants upon contact,
  • This can be used as a wheel cleaner saving you both money and time
  • SAFE on all wheel types and painted surfaces
  • Removes Iron, Brake dust and Cleans Wheels
  • High performing corrosion inhibitor

250ml Tyre Dressing

Tyre Dressing Is a gloss dressing that will give your tyres a high gloss darkened finish.
Our gloss Tyre Dressing is a water based formula which makes it very easy to spread. A second coat can be applied for an ultra high gloss finish. 


15L Detailing Wash Bucket

15L  Heavy Duty Detailing Bucket
A Must Have For Any Detailer. Our 15 litre bucket is made form heavy duty plastic to last the test of time.