Surreal ceramic infused show wax


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Introducing our newest and most advanced wax we've ever created - Surreal

Surreal is a high performing ceramic infused wax which will give you show wax gloss levels as well as the durability and protection of an all out dedicated sealant, lasting up to 9 months.

Surreal is made using a combination of natural oils and high performing waxes which give the wax a great feel and amazing gloss finish, very little product is needed to get a full even coat. Unlike a lot of ceramic infused waxes, Surreal is a doddle to apply and even easier to remove. The wax can be happily left to cure for 15 minutes+ with no issues, even in warmer temperatures.

Surreal gives great water beading and sheeting properties from a single coat and gives a great slickness to the treated surface.

  • Show car gloss
  • Long lasting protection
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Amazing beading and sheeting

(Tropical scent) 70ml