Ceramic Detailer Pro Sealant Coating + ULTIMA Ceramic Wax Added SIO2 Car Wax


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500ml Ceramic Elite Detailer + 50ml ULTRA Ceramic Wax With Added Sio2

Ceramic Detailer Sealant Coating 500ml


A High Quality Ceramic detailer that will leave all paintwork with a incredible enhanced gloss look, unbelievable slickness and a high hydrophobic finish.

Our unique detailer incorporates ceramic properties that increases durability, slickness and water behavior.

One application of our ceramic detailer will protect your paintwork against all elements leaving a truly radiant shine.

Seals for up to 6 months and can be applied like a traditional detailer. Perfect for use in conjunction with our Ultima ceramic wax

ULTIMA Ceramic Wax With Added sio2  50ml

A High Quality Ceramic Wax which will leave all paintwork with an incredible enhanced high gloss and extreme hydrophobic finish. Our unique wax incorporates ceramic properties that increase durability and gloss along with amazing beading and sheeting.

The Ultima wax is very easy to apply unlike an all out proffesional ceramic coating.


Spread an even and light coat of wax over the paintwork using a foam applicator.  Leave for between 5-10mins for the wax to bond and cure. Once cured remove the wax with a plush microfibre. Stand back and admire the high gloss finish.